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The more questions you ask, the bigger the discount you receive! Save 10% on 2 questions and 15% on 3 questions!  1 question - £6.00     2 questions - £10.80     3 questions - £15.30

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Once you have ticked the box to agree to our terms & conditions, please make your choice and click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button to pay for your e-mail psychic reading. Payment will be via PayPal - the process is quick, simple and secure.

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Once your payment has been submitted, you will be redirected to this site where you will fill in the form with your details. Please leave your birth data, and any other person’s you may be asking about; along with your questions.and submit.

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Once I am free and have received your order and payment I will perform a reading focusing on the question(s) you have raised, using psychic abilities and astrology.  I will type your reading and e-mail it to the address you provided.  E-mail readings can sometimes be delayed normally about 3 days from the receipt of payment, but times may vary depending on my actual work schedule.

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