There are many lines on the hand that the palmist will observe.  These lines depict many aspects affecting you in your everyday life.

    For an email palmistry reading, you will need to provide a few                    photos of both hands in a relaxed state.

Step 1 - Take some photos of your hands:

Please take photos of both sides of the hands, pay attention to nails - do not wear nail varnish. Ensure that you take enough shots, just one is not good enough. About 14 shots from different angles are required for best results.  Take shots of the side of the hands also.

                   (click here to see example pictures)

Step 2 - Paste your photos into a MS Word document:

Transfer your photos to MS Word or another program to make 1 file & save  it onto your PC (unfortunately the palmistry order form will only allow the upload of a single file).

Step 3 - Click on the BUY NOW button:

Once you have ticked the box to agree to our terms & conditions, please click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button to pay for your e-mail palmistry reading. Payment will be via PayPal - the process is quick, simple and secure.

Step 4 - Fill in your details & upload your file:  

Once your payment has been submitted, you will be redirected to this site where you will fill in the form and upload the document containing your pictures.

Step 5 - Check your inbox:

Once I am free and have received your order, photos and payment, I will read into the lines, study and meditate on the hands and email you back an in-depth interpretation within 3 working days. The cost of this service is

just £12, for which you will receive a detailed informative reading, sent to the email address you’ve provided on the order form.

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