How would you like Free full psychic reading which includes Tarot, Astrology & Palmistry?  Simply organise a girls/friends night in (or out) and for the entertainment, arrange for myself to provide psychic readings for you and your friends.

Any person wishing to arrange a group booking (at my home or theirs) where 4 of their guests choose the in-depth £27 reading (which includes tarot, astrology and palmistry) will receive a complimentary in-depth reading free of charge!  Each £27 reading will usually take around 45 minutes and occasionally even longer depending on the psychic vibes.


4 people must have the £27 reading

to be eligible for 5th free reading

Have a fun & memorable party night.  Get to know if they are the right person for you.  Are you destined for something greater in your career?  I will aim to answer any question you desire.  We can look into the past, present and future.  All face-to-face readings can be recorded onto most modern mobile phones, for you to listen to again at your convenience.

For further information or to arrange your party,

just call Rita:

07843 385492 (mobile)  

0161 628 6454 (UK land line)    


free psychic reads free reading from psychic horoscope prices

Tarot and Astrology combined

saves you £7 costing just £22.00

Tarot and Palmistry combined  

saves you £6.00 costing only £22.00

Tarot, Palmistry and Astrology

combined gets you a large saving

of £14 costing you only £27.00

All readings can be recorded onto most modern mobile phones, for you to listen to again at your convenience.

Palmistry (chiromancy) From the lines of  the hands! Will you have a long life? Marry?  Have children? Psychic E-mail Readings

I have been giving personal, face-to-face psychic readings for over 30 years, and I am now able to provide you with e-mail readings from as little as £6.00!  I use both tarot cards & astrology combined with psychic abilities to answer up to 3 questions. The more questions you ask, the bigger the discount you receive! Save 10% on 2 questions and

15% on 3 questions!  

               1 question - -£6.00

            2 questions - £10.80

                    3 questions - £15.30

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    Palmistry E-Mail £12.00  

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Horoscope + 3 months future forecast

sent by email £6.00

Horoscope + 6 months future forecast

sent by email £8.00

Horoscope + 9 months future forecast

sent by email £10.00

Horoscope + 12 months future forecast sent by email £12.00


Compatibility Charts -focus on you & your partner’s relationship

Horoscope aspects to one another, plus 3 months forecast for each partner

via email Just £10.00

I guarantee you will not find a better value horoscope, personality  profile plus future forecast anywhere on the Internet.  If you do, please send me the information & I will match their price.

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Horoscopes ====================================================================== ***Please note: Palmistry & recordings  are not available for telephone readings

     All readings include psychic abilities

with spiritual guidance received from sources  

Astrology Tarot £16.00 Plamistry £12 Tarot covers all aspects of your present  situation, and foretells future events. A look at your birth chart, see how the  planets point out your options in life  now and your expectations tomorrow. Save Money with Combined Readings one to one psychic read =========================================== Psychic Telephone Readings Astrology And Tarot Combined £22.00 Tarot Card Reading £16.00 Astrology read £13.00 Book your telephone reading Here. ============================================== ================================================= ========================= Psychic Readings Prices