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A Google User Overall 1 / 3

The reading with Rita was a bit generic!

I had a couple of burning issues I wanted to raise with the Tarot, as I wanted to find some direction on a couple of things.

Rita is technically very good at reading the cards,

don't get me wrong. I would've just preferred a stronger connection

between the reading and me!

When I left the Trafford centre, many of my customers could no longer find me. I am sorry for not being available for them in the centre, as I am aware from speaking to those who managed to find me again, that I was very much missed and respected. I give you my apologies if you had difficulties trying to find me, but I hope now, through the wonders of the Internet, I will always be available to old and new customers alike; there will always be an opportunity to make contact.

Below are some kind e-mails from several people who searched for me, as well as some of  my many  reviews from my loyal and much appreciated customers who continue to use my services. Blessings and regards to you all. Rita.

Rita is very precise & her accuracy is astounding. She has told me things that only i could know. No Guessing or asking too many questions. If you want the truth or need help; go to her - you will not be disappointed. I try to see her every 6 months and whatever the problem she is able to help others, face the future with her empathy and her psychic skills. So many people are being ripped off by fake psychics - you will be shocked at just how accurate & helpful Rita is. A few months ago a young man aged 30 yrs went to see her after listening to his partners tape. He was a skeptic. Later that day of his reading he phoned me & he was shocked at the accuracey & honesty he had received. This lady has helped make a difference in the lifes of so many people. I know she is not fake & that she really does have the ability to see beyond & to answer any questions & give direction when others are needing help. I have never met a more talented psychic & would not put my name to anything fake. This is the second review i have written tonight because i am having problems with my computer. i wanted to make sure you got it - for there are times when we all need help & direction. With money being tight i would say visit Rita once & you will be pleasently surprised at just what she is able to tell you - Dont go to just anyone - Go to the best, like i do. Readings are taped and 90 per cent of what has been told to me has happened Some of the things discussed with Rita are too personal to me to mention here. However, I have not known any person to have a bad experience & Ritas prices will suit everyone. God Bless! Donna2010

Bernie Co...  Manchester  2 reviews

Rita is a very gifted psychic and I would highly recommend her to others. she is really accurate in her predictions and has always given me very honest (sometimes brutally honest) advice, which has proven invaluable in my personal situation. I used to visit her twice a year at the Trafford Centre in Manchester, but since she left I have to travel a little further to her home in Oldham. This is not a problem, sometimes I think I would travel to the other side of the country for her service

hello rita just wanted to thank you so very much for your email I’m at a time in my life (well have been for some time) where i feel I’m blocked at every turn like I’m cursed! but your email and your time has lifted me so i wanted to say thank you so much, i never expected it. I’m sorry to hear that you have been ill i do hope your better and if ever I’m in a position to help you rest

A Google User  Overall 3 / 3

The reading I received from Rita last Thursday was very enlightening.

I would recommend her highly and will be visiting her again.

3 reviews of Rita's Predictions in English evadurrant 

Review of Rita's Predictions

Rita is very good i always go to her, when i have a problem,

she is very honest and makes you so relaxed in her presents.xx


Review of Rita's Predictions

A truly gifted psychic, a honest reading and good value.

Gives you plenty of time, very good advice.

I would recommend her to friends.



Hi Rita

Thanks for affording the time to see me and my friend for the reading the other day. I note from your card that you have an email address and felt compelled to drop you a line. A colleague recommended you to me quite recently and inspired me to contact you. I was pleased that you were able to accommodate us so quickly.

A Google User Overall 3 / 3

Thank you Rita, your advice was much appreciated.

I shall be recommending you to my friends. Mark

A Google User Overall 3 / 3

Had reading by Rita last week and it was so unbelievably accurate

what she had said to me and the advice she has given me has already

helped me to make some life changing decisions- I

 will definitely be visiting her again in the near

future- truly amazing Lady and so honest.

A Google User Overall 3 / 3

I've had many readings with Rita and would always recommend her.

Never afraid to reveal the truth.

many thanks Rita,

That is Very Helpful and very accurate Best regards
John Terry.

hi rita,

sorry to hear you've left the Trafford center..are u still available for readings? I hope you don't mind but i added you to msn...this message is likely to go to your junk folder. I would like to arrange for an appointment to come see you if its possible. will you be relocating anywhere else?

Hi Rita,

I used to come and have a reading when you were at the Trafford centre but have lost your card, so I don't have your mobile number.

Could I possibly book in with you for a reading for myself and a friend.

Hi rita,

i was very impressed when i went to see you and have told lots of people about you who have gone to you and i always recommend you to anyone i meet.   Monicax

Dear Rita

I came to see you several months ago at the Trafford Centre and was wondering if you were still there? Do you do groups of people and will you travel? Or do you do private readings in your home?

Thanks you

Hello my name is Julie last Christmas I had a reading from you at the Trafford Centre.  I went there on Friday and was disappointed that I could not find you.  I was wondering what had happened to you and where you could be found.

Hope all is well. Best wishes,

Hi Rita

Thanks for affording the time to see me and my friend for the reading the other day. I note from your card that you have an email address and felt compelled to drop you a line.

A colleague recommended you to me quite recently and inspired me to contact you. I was pleased that you were able to. I was pleased that you were able to accommodate us so quickly.

Dear Rita

Thank you so much for my reading, you have certainly given me something to think about  and you have made many things make sense. Your comment below especially hit a nerve:-

"So thanks again Rita, you are a very gifted lady, and I would love to book a personal reading with you in a month or so. 

Do you do them in the afternoons or just evenings? I have recommended you to my friend as well.

A Google User Overall 3 / 3

Thank you Rita gosh there was so much information given there,

im so happy; I have given a recommendation of you to my friends.


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