Rita’s Predictions – Britain’s Leading Psychic.  As a leading figure in the psychic community, I have been revealed to have the gift of insight and revelation, with the ability to see future events. For several years I was the resident psychic at the Trafford Centre, one of Britain's busiest tourist destinations, where I provided in-depth tarot readings, gave accurate insight into people’s astrological forecasts, and explored the patterns of their lives through palmistry readings. My tarot readings are not based on any script from a book, but from guides around me at the time. Your guides and my own sources have the ability to interpret the meaning of the cards and inform me of current situations, upcoming events, the future outlook and options on the horizon. Astrology readings are given with the use of an ‘Ephemeris’ which is a calendar charting the precise position of the planets in the sky when you were born.  Your birth data allows me to inspect their relationships to each another and interpret how their current positions may be impacting upon your life. With my knowledge and spiritual guidance it gives a very insightful look into your future trends. During palmistry readings, I read both hands, not only inspecting the lines but also picking up your own vibrations.  The personal contact with the sitter creates a force, enabling my intuition and guides to feel your expectations and reveal turning points.  To get a personal Tarot reading from me, live face-to-face, by e-mail, or over the phone.

        Call Rita on +44   0161 628 6454 (Land Line)                         or +44   07843 385492 (mobile)

For an accurate in depth psychic reading, covering all aspects of your life, and those you love and care about, given by a truly gifted professional Psychic/Clairvoyant, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide and over 30 year’s experience.

In-Depth Tarot Cost £16.00.

To Book call Rita On mobile: 07843385493.

Land Line:  0161 628 6454

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Tarot Readings, £16.00